Ecologizing Sensibility

In other news I recently appeared in the astrologer Sabrina Monarch‘s podcast “The Magic of the Spheres.” Sabrina and I met during our first year of study in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at CIIS. We share a birthday along with a number of other parallels—including a deep relationship to the planets—that upon realizing contributed to the formation of the close friendship we enjoy today. I couldn’t be happier to have recorded my first podcast with one of my closest friends! Our conversation covered many topics, most notably in reference to the episode title “Ecologizing Sensibility.” I suggested the title after watching a talk given by the philosopher and marxist media critic Franco Berardi (“Bifo” for short) in which he calls for “artisans of sensibility,” poets who spell out new possibilities in confrontation with the excess of signification that underlies the conventions of our sense-making. My emphasis on “ecologizing” sensibility suggests ecology as a regulative ideal in the artistry of sensibility. My burgeoning inquiry into philosophy as listening, musical understanding, and ecologized art naturally come up on the course of our conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed the rapport Sabrina and I shared during the recording and hope you will too!

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